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2016 LED display, the Chinese want to occupy the overseas markets?

        2016 was the start of the implementation of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in planning, we are looking forward to more Chinese LED display companies take the initiative to go abroad, at the international stage, show the elegant demeanour of Chinese LED display brand," much starker choices-and graver consequences-in "is good start, a good step.
        In recent years, the Chinese LED display industry rapid development, the domestic LED display remarkable increase of enterprise strength, vision is more open, more companies began to look to the international market, and participate in the global market competition.These "pioneer" not only invest in overseas actively, equity and merger and acquisition, and to undertake external to undertake large engineering projects of international business.
       Here, we can cite a few examples: in February 2015, Abby's A1688 advertising screen and A5 rental screen at the same time in the world's top business center, time square, New York, this is the first time the Chinese LED display brand long formal, the appearance of the world's top business center.Not only is this Abby's a big step, but a giant leap for the Chinese LED display brand to the international stage;In July, leah DE MIC LED display manufacturers in India;In August, the pine technology for construction of more than a full-color indoor and outdoor LED display formal glory in world-class sports venues abdullah kingdom city;In August, leah DE 1 billion yuan buying American flat in a big way of electronic, 100% PLANAR.
       This series of actions showed that Chinese LED display companies are increasingly to the eye on the international market, their success not only reveal the international influence of Chinese LED display brand, also marks the "made in China" has officially one of the LED display industry ranks highest in the world.It can be said that the development strategy of "going out" is becoming the consensus of many LED display domestic enterprises, LED display domestic enterprises "going out", embrace the standards of the international market has reached a new height.
       LED display from the global market, China is the largest single country market, accounting for about 25% 30% global market.As the domestic market is saturated, the domestic LED display enterprise must want to "go out", to expand the global market, to find a new growth pole and profit growth point of industry development.LED display in today's global market pattern, had the important export markets in North America, Europe is becoming saturated, combined with market ZhunRuDu increase, Russia, southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America and other emerging markets have great potential for development.
       With the implementation of the strategy of "area", LED display Chinese enterprises "going out" has a more strategic level.The success of "pioneer", of "going out" to show "made in China" and highlights the LED display industry the highest level and brand influence, make the international community to know China, but also to expand our circle of friends.
       At the same time, we must also face risks, China LED display the road of the internationalization of enterprises transnational operation is not smooth all the way.Before we cut into the international market, we must consider all aspects of adverse factors, such as politics, religion, history, culture, etc.;Still should enhance the awareness of the protection of intellectual property rights, enhance the cognition of non-tariff barriers to trade measures, grasp necessary means of industrial development of prevention and protection.
       LED display in 2016, the Chinese enterprises overseas market in the footsteps of I'm afraid I don't quit, what wonderful drama, our common concern.


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