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More guarantee in LED high lights

       LED mining lamp is a with LED chips as light source, lamps and lanterns, as people deep understanding of it, has been widely used in factories, mines, warehouse, production areas of high tent.Because of the complicated environment of these places, its cooling is extremely important.And as the light source of LED chips, such as not timely reduce temperature, will lead to the following problems.
       In fact, the heat dissipation is not timely, in addition to affect the efficiency of itself of lamps and lanterns, under a certain degree can also affect the entire site environment.And now in the market of LED mining lamp, mostly adopts centralized heat, lamps and lanterns, poor reliability performance.We can not help but worry about such a situation, how to guarantee the reliability of the lamps and lanterns, security lighting work.
       Leading brand Shanghai think production by the domestic LED LED mining lamp fins of module structure, lamps and lanterns back hollow out, the formation of convection, reduce the chip temperature, improve the reliability, reduce the fault of lamps and lanterns, the service life of the lamps and lanterns can be more than 100000 hours, and save electricity above 80%.
      At present this kind of LED mining lamp has factory, Shanghai is factory in Japan, the United States warehouse got the large scale application, marketing network all over the Yangtze river delta and east, west, south, north and so on more than 20 domestic provinces and cities, are exported to Japan, Europe, America, Australia and so on more than 30 countries and regions, established the Shanghai think twice about a solid foundation in this niche.


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