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More factors in choosing high bay lights

Are you still in for these problems?Heat lamps and lanterns is bad fire Warehouse dark prone to accidents An insufficient workshop lighting workers mistake...And that all the crux of the problem is we don't know what should be paid attention to when purchasing LED mining lamp?
 At the time of purchasing the LED mining lamp, if you pay attention to the LED mining lamp first price or the price you would be wrong in the first place.
 The good and evil people mixed up now LED market, price, quality good and bad are intermingled.And LED mining lamp is closely related to industrial production, determines its reliability, security, reasonable light distribution, reflecting high efficiency, good durability, etc that we need priority attention.So you need a quality assured brand, innovation LED industry leader - Shanghai think is Chinese famous brand, the LED mining lamp products adopt imported chip, comprehensive performance is more superior, is your best choice!
 First of all, for the LED mining lamp, heat the most critical.Because if not effective conduction heat out will affect the service life of lamps and lanterns, and even fire.Other industrial and mining lamp, LED market now adopts centralized heat, lamps and lanterns, poor reliability performance.Shanghai twice LED mining lamp module structure of fins, lamps and lanterns of the back hollow out, the formation of convection, reduce the chip temperature, improve the reliability, reduce the fault of lamps and lanterns, into the service life of the lamp, more than 100000 hours can save electricity above 80%.
Secondly, for the LED mining lamp application places workshop, warehouse, workshop, such as insufficient lighting are most likely to cause accidents, Shanghai twice LED mining lamp through the secondary light distribution design, will be limited light gathered in effective working face, three kinds of light distribution way, not only can satisfy different lighting needs, ensure workshop, warehouse, workshop and other places of lighting lighting is enough;More can enhance the uniformity of illumination, improve the utilization rate of the ground to save energy;Invasion can also reduce light pollution, the light, and lighting is more comfortable.
 Think on this basis, the Shanghai LED mining lamp also has, derrick, ring type suction a top three installations, to ensure that meet the needs of the different lighting places;More light source, modular design, quick plug type, easy disassembly, easy to replace, easy maintenance, convenient customer use.
 Good quality, stand the test of time.Shanghai twice LED mining lamp has factory, Shanghai is factory in Japan, the United States warehouse got the large scale application, such as marketing network throughout the Yangtze river delta and the east, west, south, north, such as more than 20 domestic provinces and cities, are exported to Japan, Europe, America, Australia and so on more than 30 countries and regions, and adopted the China CCC certification, Japan PSE certification, European CE certification, Australia RCM certification such as quality management system certification.Run in the field of lighting, LED light source for more than five years or even none damage, won the domestic and foreign customers consistent high praise!


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