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What do you see in LED street lights era?

  Along with the accelerating pace of urbanization construction, the application of street lamp is more widespread, the most environmental protection and energy saving of LED street lamp as a street light a deep user heart quietly, have gradually from the trend of traditional street lamp to generation.LED street light compared with the traditional street lamp has obvious advantages, the key to which is LED street lamp is a welcome.
  Today, governments have advocated the LED street lamp to replace traditional street lamps energy-saving renovation project, and further advance to the second level 3 city, and then the intervention of "intelligent lighting", strengthen the advantage of LED lights, can again on original LED energy saving technology and energy saving 10-20%.
  Even so, its popularity is not as scheduled, especially LED street lamp advancing speed significantly below expectations this year, growth is slowing down.Is affected by objective factors such as the government transition, anti-corruption, or is subject to the subjective factors such as LED street light technology, the market price?
  The road lighting is given priority to with high pressure sodium lamp, LED street light has not really replace it.Technically, compared with high pressure sodium lamp, LED, such as the whole lamp lights, LED street lamp can reach more than 100 lm/W, and high pressure sodium lamp together with lamps and ballast, most can only achieve 60-70 lm/W, LED lighting is obviously more than high pressure sodium lamp, and from the point of cost price, the LED is not much higher than high pressure sodium lamp.Although technically, market prices, LED street lamp is not worse than high pressure sodium lamp, the popularity of but it still need a process.Concrete from the following three ways:
  A high photosynthetic efficiency than the high-pressure sodium lamp, LED street light, this is only for technical level.In the market, LED industry is currently in the development of the early, bad more than good enterprise, this part of the "difference" can cause the market for LED street light misunderstanding: "LED street light is not so good.Therefore, how to let people know and accept the LED street lamp good still need a process.
  Second, with the LED time accelerating development, the enterprise gradually realized the importance of product quality, to develop high quality unceasingly, the quality of the products will improve the overall market circulation.
  Three, standardization issues.Traditional high pressure sodium lamp, simply by light bulbs, ballasts and lamps shell up three parts, the light bulb is one of the most easily broken parts, life is about 1 to 2 years, even if is bad, it is very convenient to replace, because it is a standardized product, any replacement bulbs.In contrast, LED lights, its each manufacturer's product specification is not the same, late to replace or repair the product need to find the same manufacturer, indirectly, the LED street lamp become LongDuanShi binding by the enterprise products.Non-standard of the products is one of the biggest bottleneck, LED street light path, the establishment of the standard become the pressing needs of the industry development.
  If the above problem is solved, LED lights to the high-pressure sodium lamp lights can be out of the market.According to the theory, the LED on the road of promotion should be faster than indoor lighting, but the road lighting promotion in the market have a certain inertia, and standardization problems, the popularity of its failure to effect.
  In the past two years, the concept of intelligent lighting added human into an LED street lamp.At the same time of control street lamp, can be combined with fire sensors, cameras, information display and human-computer interaction system, etc., on the one hand, through the sensors information transmission through the network to monitor local office;On the other hand, through the monitoring center to send a variety of data in LED lights, to pass on information.Intelligent lighting is a lighting system, and through a light feeling, to form an information network, the data of the system, data acquisition, distribution and interaction.
  By price factors impact on the development of LED street lamp, on the promotion is constantly nagging, by price disadvantage but with the development of the LED street light technology, the problem will be solved.LED street light, as a kind of not only energy saving but also may have more additional features of new type of lighting products, the development of the future there will be a lot of space.A few years later, I believe that more roads will establish an LED street lamp.
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