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Aftersales Services

Proposal of after sales service from Samvol Lighting 

Dear customer,


       Thank you for choosing Samvol Lighting, your support is our motivation to keep improving. In order to promote your business to be more prosperous, and relieve your worries, we now make further improvement in after-sales service, please read the following words:

       1. 2 years free replacement: Within two years since July 20, 2016,the quality of  any our flood lights, high bay lights is 2 years purchased from our company. If nay quality problem happens within this period, we will provide you with a new replacement or necessary parts free s .Normally, clients need to send the lights with problem back to us first,after we received the lights, we will send out the new replacement. But because of various factors, if you can't send the lights of problem first, for our long-term cooperated good credit customers, we can send you the new ones first, and then you will return the damaged ones. For those clients whom we are not able to determine the credit for the first time cooperation or the customer whose credibility is not high, we will ask you to send back to the lights of problem first or pay the deposit in full, in this way we can send the new lamp or accessories first.

       2. For flood lights and high bay lights which were bought before July 20th,2016, if quality problem happens within 1 year after purchase, we will give replacement freely and give 2 years free maintanence.  

       3. About the street lights, since July 20, 2016, the warranty of our sales of street lights is for two years, if there is any quality problem happening in use, our sales manage will come up with a solution according to your actual situation.

       4. About the credit of each clinet: Generally speaking, the credit of each customer will be originally 100 points, if this clients disobey any agreement between us, 10 points will be reduced from the credit. Any client with credit lower than 100 points, if there is any quality issue in the products bought from us, clients need to send back to the lights of problem first or pay the deposit in full before getting the new lights. Customer in violation of 3 times (less than 70 points), we unilaterally cancel all warranty commitment.

       5. About the freight for products with quality issue: Within 1 year since the date of purchase( overseas purchase excluded), we will bear the cost of 2 way courier. For those exceed 1 years but less than 2 years, clients and we will bear 50:50 of the 2 way freight. The freight we mentioned here only included freight from our appointed domestic logistic company, if clients choose courier company, Debang logistic company, Tiandihuayu, Kueyue Logistics, Jiaji Logistics, we have to share the cost with clients. 

       6.About time limitation for after-sales processing: since the date of your feedback of after-sales problem, our sales clerk needs to finish handling this within 9 days, maximum 10 days .If the time is longer than that, please contact us by the after sales phone No., our sales manager will investigate this case and affix the responsibility among our sales, after sales clerk, repairer, we will give you satisfactory solution, anyone to be blame on this case will be fined by 50RMB per time. 

       7. About service attitude: Once we receive your complaint about our people’s sales attitude, no matter whether you have fault or not, the person you complained will be fine 30 fined.

       8. Hotline for Complaints: phone: +86-750-3838224 fax: +86-750-3838081 Mobile/WeChat/QQ: +86-13425175731     Email:hzwang@samvol.com        

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