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Alliance policy

The recruitment terms and supports for being Samvol sales agent 
1. As our sales agent, the condition and responsibility for Samvol lighting agent: 
A. First of all, this company must have  legitimate business qualifications, and need to provide legal and valid business license, tax registration, the legal representative and related documents.
B. This company can only sell outdoor lights under our brand name, 
C. This company have strong ability of distribution and enough storage area. We will decide the first buying quantity according to the size of selling area (city, county and district).
D. This company must achieve sales target for this appointed area .
E. If this company is not able to achieve sales target for this chosen area according to Samvol’s season appraisal, we will reserve the right to cancel its right to be the distribution. But it still need to promote "Samvol lighting" brand in their area.
2. As our sales agent, we will give certain supports for being Samvol sales agent
A. Sales protection in this appointed area. We will not sell to other clients  once sales agent of this area has been chosen, additionally, we will introduce clients in this area to this agent.
B. We will give rebate to this sales agent if it archive the sales target
C. For new product information, we regularly give our agent the technical instruction , training or send relevant personnel for deeper guidance.
D. For our sales agents, if the lights were damaged due to quality problem since the date when lights were sold, we will replace that with complete new ones. If it is damaged and need maintenance after 2 years , the agent will only need to pay the cost of the corresponding spare parts, we will help to repair freely.
E. We will provides catalog, appropriate showcase to our agent to promote our brand.
F. The qualified agents can have our support in giving online sales assistance, training and management mode (such as Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong...) 
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